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Real Estate Agencies available in Mowe Ofada with flats for sale are Private-Property Nigeria, It Is A Building Located Inside Estate On The Same Road With Treasure Park Estate At Shimawa .It Is Not Far From RCCG New Arena Which Makes It Very Suitable For People That Want To Take Advantage Of Leaving Close To RCCG Camp With All The Infrastructure Deployed As A Result Of The Coming Of The New Arena To That Axis.It Is A Building With 3 Bedroom Duplex In Front And 2 Nos 3 Flats At The Back.There Is Electricity In The Estate With A Central Gate. It Has Survey. For Further Enquiries Contact and FEATURES All Rooms Ensuite Fully Equipped Flats Visitor’s Toilet Available Ample Car Parking Space Ample Space In Front Of Flat Ample Space For Children Playground The Institutions And Estates Within The Vicinity Of First Neighbourhood Park & Garden: Redeemer University. (Within Redemption Camp Layout) Proposed Redeemer University Staff Cooperative Multi-Purpose Estate Proposed 6th Holy Ghost Arena Development Proposed Redeemer University Of All Nations Permanent Site Propos.

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Flats in Mowe Ofada